concrete MIX
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No Project is Too Small or Too Big

  • No hassle, no mess
  • Higher quality and lower price than bagged concrete
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Curbing
  • Patios
  • Fence Posts
  • Assisting contractors that use concrete pumps
  • And much more

Customer Centric Experience

Our trucks are sized just perfectly to maneuver tight city streets, alleys and crowded project sites to be able to gain access exactly where you need it. No longer do you need to use wheel barrows to transport concrete from the truck to the forms.

  • Less labor
  • Quicker pour
  • Less costs
  • Professional dispatchers

Starting From 1/2 Yard to Any Size

Our professionals utilize a Holcombe truck equipped with the newest technology in volume-metric machines.

Complete with a streamlined computer on board, we are able to load our machine, so it will drop the desired amount needed based on volume. It can keep track down to a tenth of a yard of what we mixed, meaning that we can produce exactly what you need. 

Cement Curbing

Our minimum requirement for curbing is 150 linear feet at $2.50/ft  

An additional $.050/ft will be billed for removing sod/grass.



Ready Mix Concrete

$150/yard  for projects less than 3 yards

$120/yard for projects over 3 yards

Disclaimer:We are a ready mix concrete pouring company that delivers concrete. If you need a finisher to flatten or smooth the surface, please contact our partner finisher Gerardo at 509-374-7244

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